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  • Tamara Zarowny

    Tamara Zarowny

    Robert and the team went above and beyond to make me happy. Most dealers get reputation once they have your money, nothing else matters, and they really don’t go out of there way anymore for you. This dealership proved that wrong. Thanks Again!!!!

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  • Rachel McC

    Rachel McC

    Wonderful experience! Super polite staff that take the time to speak with you and make you feel like a valued customer. They gave me the best deal on my vehicle for a trade in and what they have to offer is priced fairly. They are one of the only dealerships I looked into that had prices which fit those listed on VMR Canada's website. Everything is [...]

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  • Dave P

    Dave P

    Great service, never a problem there. Prices though seem inflated in the parts and service centre. Switched to another repair centre because we couldn't justify the cost versus any discernable difference in quality of work.

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  • Sunil Khandade

    Sunil Khandade

    Well, I had multiple visits to this centre for various reason and feels like my own place. Nice and talkative people with always smiling faces, but this time the reason was to get a vehicle. Robert Patton was the product specialist, he was well organized and humble. I had some parameters before buying the vehicle and Robert with full energy took me [...]

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