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  • Sunil Khandade

    Sunil Khandade

    Well, I had multiple visits to this centre for various reason and feels like my own place. Nice and talkative people with always smiling faces, but this time the reason was to get a vehicle. Robert Patton was the product specialist, he was well organized and humble. I had some parameters before buying the vehicle and Robert with full energy took me [...]

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  • Collin Goertzen

    Collin Goertzen

    Very friendly and approachable will talk you before doing any major work on your car

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  • Alex Kremnev

    Alex Kremnev

    Great hotel. I've spent a lot of time here because of work. The rooms are clean and spacious. They have recently done renovations and look a lot more modern. My only issue is that it's close to the airport so it doesn't have much around it in terms of restaurants. Closest would be sharks club, which is at the hotel next door and that's at least a 10 [...]

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